Guarantees 100% Acceptance of Bad Credit Auto Loans

Drivers Approved is dedicated to helping consumers obtain approvals for bad credit car loans, when all other banks and lending institutions have refused.

It is no secret that now more than ever, banks, big lending firms and credit unions are becoming less and less flexible in giving credit applicants the chance to obtain car loans. Since the economy began to decline back in 2007, many people have seen their credit score decline through no fault of their own. Now more than 70% of the US population can't go into a local bank or credit union and get approved for bad credit auto loans. Other lenders do provide car loan services to people with bad credit score, but require higher monthly payments and fees because they are charged more by large corporate lenders for.

Helping people succeed in their auto loan application is, which has helped thousands of people all across the United States buy and finance a car when they thought it was impossible. Over the last 7 years, has amassed the largest nationwide network of certified car dealers along with hundreds of special finance banks. Through the website, applicants are able find bad credit lenders that are approving more new and used car loans right now than in the past decade.

With, customers don't have to settle for less due to some misfortune along the way. Chris A. from Seattle, Washington is one happy client who got invaluable information and assistance from the website: "I was in real trouble, having landed a new job but with bad credit. So my friend told me about, I didn't believe anyone would finance a car for me. I was wrong! I got approved in about 2 hours and now I am driving my brand new Hyundai."

The team is led by Arnold Anderson, who has worked for largest sub prime auto finance company in the US, and is now helping consumers navigate the treacherous waters of finding help and guidance when financing a new automobile.

At, applicants can enjoy guaranteed 100% acceptance rates for bad credit auto loans through programs that focus on bad credit, bankruptcy, low credit score and just about any type of credit situation. With a vast national network of automobile dealers and specialized lenders, the online guide to lender approval offers many finance options available to consumers throughout the country who may have a ding on their credit report, including zero down payment, flexible payment terms, low finance rates, and bankruptcy car loans.

To learn more about the guaranteed bad credit auto loan approval and finance programs offered by sub prime lenders all over the United States, please visit for information.

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