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Dragon Scaffolding is a scaffolding manufacturing company which was founded in 1994 in China

Dragon Scaffolding is a scaffolding manufacturing company which was founded in 1994 in China. Since, then they have grown into a leading scaffold suppliers. We are an ISO Certified Scaffold manufacturing and exporting company. Our products include heavy duty scaffolding products which are used in the construction of buildings, bridges, dams, tank, farms, railway and airport.

We cover a large part of geographical area in terms of our exports. We export products to United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates etc.

we provide high quality products and take extreme care of customer satisfaction. We believe in catering to our customer's needs and win their confidence by provided products that boast of high quality. Our customers and potential clients will be delighted to know that all our scaffolding couplers are custom made as per standard of United Kingdom/EU quality.

Dragon Scaffolding other than providing couplers we also export scaffolding accessories which too are of best quality. The accessories include Transom, Scaffold Sheeting, Board Bands, sign board Steel Frames etc.

Here we are discussing our Drop Forged Fittings. They are described below.

Wrapover Coupler: It connects 48.3mm scaffold tubes at right angles and they transoms to ledgers.

Swivel Coupler: They have silver or gold zinc plate finish. It connects two 48.3mm scaffold tubes at any length.

Board Retaining Clamp: They are used for securing scaffolds boards and they are quickly locked in the correct position. They have silver or gold plated finish.

Joint Pin: They are used for connecting two 48.3 mm scaffold tubes ending. They must be used vertically.
Double coupler: It also connects two 48.3 mm scaffold tubes at right angles

Double & Swivel Coupler: It fits on any types of 48.3mm scaffold tubes. It has anti-slip design add-on . It is also available in silver or zinc gold plated finish.

Girder Coupler ( Gravlocks): It must be used in pairs and provide a fixed 90 degrees coupling of a 48.3mm scaffold tube to an I-beam girder.

If you have any need regarding scaffoldings, all you just need to visit is www.dragonscaffolding.com

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