Dr. Jamie Turndorf Presents A Family Guide To Surviving The Jolly Hollerdays

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love, Dr. Jamie Turndorf shows listeners how to head off and heal longstanding family feuds by using constructive communications

Millions of people dread holiday family gatherings, secretly thinking that family functions should be renamed family dysfunctions!

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love, Dr. Jamie Turndorf explains why millions of people end up broken rather than happy hearted during the holidays. The reason: humans unconsciously return home hoping to finally heal their Old Scars from childhood. Hearts are broken when the holidays don't yield our "Happy Endings."

It is precisely by being conscious of these Old Scars that we can free ourselves to not repeat old behavior patterns that re-injure rather than heal. It is this same consciousness that enables us to head-off and even heal longstanding family feuds. As we become the instrument that heals the feuds, we will finally achieve the Happy Ending that our hearts crave.

Discover how to bring consciousness and reason into the holiday season; and how to use effective and constructive communications to heal oneself and the entire family!

Tune in to hear Dr. Turndorf's proven plan for transforming family hollerdays into truly joyous holidays and beyond!

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