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Dr Al Sears MD Identifies Today's Toxic Environment As Cause Of Early Menopause

Dr. Al Sears, M.D. identifies the epidemic of early menopausal symptoms as a result of the toxic environment we live in. As a solution, he has introduced Harmony natural progesterone cream that helps bring a woman's hormones back into balance.

Many women are experiencing mood swings from rage to uncontrollable sobbing, fighting a losing battle with belly fat, curling up in agony with cramps, and getting knocked-out with blinding migraines. These severe symptoms may seem like extreme menopause even at an early age, but this is a more severe problem.

America's #1 Anti-Aging Pioneer, Dr. Al Sears, M.D., recognized this problem and has identified the core issue. In fact, these disturbing symptoms are not usually caused by the early onset of menopause. The real cause is estrogen dominance due to the "fake-estrogens" in the toxic environment. Mainstream medicine is still baffled by this disturbing condition because there is no drug for it. As a result, suffering women are often left without a solution.

"It has never been tougher to be a woman than it is right now. The environment has thrown you a serious curveball. There are now too many "estrogen lookalikes" that get into your system through plastic bottles, your food, shampoo, cosmetics, and even the air you breathe. You can't escape them" Dr. Sears explained. "You probably don't think of estrogen as something negative, but the chemical world has taken your estrogen levels through the roof. These "estrogen-mimics" cause a condition called estrogen dominance that throws your hormonal balance into chaos. This triggers mood swings, extreme emotions, fat gain, low sex drive, night sweats and more. You may think you are going through severe menopause at a very early age but this is not menopause at all."

Fake-estrogen in the environment can make a woman's body react as if it is loaded with estrogen. This imbalance is not good. Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone causes anxiety, fatigue, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, irritability, insomnia, depression, mood swings, migraines, weight gain, and dry skin.

In response to this toxic crisis, Dr. Sears suggests a topical cream, called Harmony, that delivers natural progesterone, pregnenolone, and sarsaparilla to a woman's blood stream.

Natural progesterone is the "feel good" hormone of satiety and contentment. It maintains healthy features including using fat better, assisting thyroid hormone action, elevating mood, keeping blood sugar normal, boosting sex drive, protection against some cancers, and stimulating bone building.

Pregnenolone is known as the "mother hormone". It helps increase natural progesterone production. It boosts energy, reduces stress, and helps a woman feel protected and nurtured. Sarsaparilla is a little known Brazilian secret that helps stimulate progesterone. It helps to relieve PMS and menopausal symptoms and is also used as a libido enhancer and aphrodisiac.

"Progesterone is your brain's best friend. When I diagnose a patient with low progesterone and give her the progesterone she needs, I have a very happy patient. My Harmony formula is what I have been giving to my patients for several years" Dr. Sears said. "Balancing your hormones with progesterone can help you look younger, feel better, and live happier. You will notice that you have more energy, can sleep better, and get "in the mood" more often."

For more information about Dr. Al Sears, M.D. and his research on natural progesterone cream, please call: 1-888-795-4005 or go to:

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