DormCo Launches Kickstarter Page To Spur Production Of The Iron Brick Safe seeks to produce and sell an innovative laptop safe and has started a Kickstarter page to accrue funding for its production., the leading online retailer of college dorm supplies, has recently launched a Kickstarter page to help generate funding for a new product known as the Iron Brick Safe. Kickstarter, which serves as an online platform to help secure monetary backing for various projects, is hosting a page for the new product, which was invented by DormCo's CEO, Jeff Gawronski. The Iron Brick Safe serves as a theft-deterrent for laptops and other smaller electronics and valuables. The Kickstarter campaign will help ensure that the Iron Brick Safe can be mass-produced. The Kickstarter page can be viewed at:

The idea for the Iron Brick Safe arose after DormCo became aware of the need for a product that can effectively secure laptops (and other valuables and electronics, such as e-readers and jewelry) while being used in their everyday locations. Laptop users, whether they're college students or not, often take laptops to coffee shops, libraries, store them in cars, and take them on-the-go in general. Since laptops are such common targets of opportunity theft, providing a means to secure them seemed paramount.

For this purpose, the Iron Brick Safe provides a simple and practical solution. The device serves as a slim, laptop-shaped case within which can fit any laptop that is 15" or less. Once inside, the safe has a secure, key-lock mechanism. From there, there's an exterior cut-proof cable that can be secured around any heavy or immovable object. The safe is then stationary and secure.

With a hard-plastic frame, the safe can sustain hammer blows without opening. Its locking mechanism secures both the front portion and left and right side walls. The hinge pins in the back are covered so they cannot be hammered out. Inside, the safe is lined with foam padding to provide cushioning and to prevent any stored laptops or other valuables from shifting.

Since specializes in college dorm supplies, the Iron Bring Safe should see strong support from college students. Dorms are notorious for theft, and laptops are unfortunately easy to steal and even quicker to sell. With a laptop kept in the safe, however, dorm room theft can be avoided.

DormCo hopes to raise $23,500 through the Kickstarter page. As is standard among Kickstarter campaigns, donors can receive various rewards based on how much they contribute. If the goal is met, DormCo plans to have the Iron Brick Safe produced and shipping to backers and customers by July 2014.

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