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Don't Let Gas Leaks Go Unattended - Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Gas Leaks Are Dangerous And Should Never Be Put Off. Have Them Attended To Immediately!

If you suspect that you have a gas leak, you must leap in to action immediately! Gas leaks are very dangerous for a number of reasons. Firstly and most obviously, they can be the cause of a devastating fire at your home, or business. Secondly, carbon monoxide poisoning is also a very real threat. If you smell gas in or around your home or business, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Terre Haute immediately!

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the technicians are highly trained, as well as qualified to not only detect gas leaks, but repair the problem, and make your home, or business safe once more. Having access to state-of-the-art equipment, the professional technicians can detect, and isolate where the leaks are in your gas system. Even after all repairs have been made, they will perform a pressure test that will ensure that leaks, even in the walls, and crawl spaces, have been corrected.

Being able to detect gas leaks without causing any destruction to your home or business, is just another reason why you should call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing first. An additive known as Methyl Mercaptan is added to natural gas. This is a very strong smelling additive used for the purpose of warning a home or business owner that there is a leak. Natural gas has no smell or taste of its own, and this chemical additive makes leaks very detectable as the odor is quite offensive, much like rotten eggs.

This chemical additive is also added to propane for the same reason. If you detect an odor similar to rotten eggs in or around your home or business, or when using a propane stove, or water heater, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing immediately! Ensure all family members and pets are taken out of the home, or staff out of the business, and wait for the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to solve the issue.

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