Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Do Not Miss On The Economic And Operational Advantages Of Cloud Computing In India

What is cloud computing? And to ensure that people do not miss out on the economic and operational advantages of cloud computing. These are some of the major questions of the users that have been revealed through this release.

Cloud computing in India, revealed the latest vibrant advantages of cloud computing India. Cloud computing is currently a hot topic in the world of IT and technology; businesses and individuals are benefiting from the services offered by "the cloud." To help the users and industry owners to better understand what cloud computing can mean for them.

"Whereas a big talking point in the business and technology world, not everyone is fully aware, what is cloud computing? And what it can do for them? To ensure that people do not miss out on the economic and operational advantages of cloud computing, we have published what we consider are the present markets chief advantages of cloud computing in India" those are:

• Remote Access - "Data is not stored on your computer. Instead, you log on to a service and access your information about 3rd party servers stored in the cloud. This means that you can do work from anywhere and from any gadget that has an internet connection, and you do not even have to be at your desk for working."

• Reduce Software Costs - "Business owners no longer have to purchase individual software licenses for each of their employees. They can just use 3rd party software stored in the cloud as and when it is required for work."

• Less Complex Hardware Needed - "Because all software and applications are accessed remotely, you do not need any complex processing power on your local machine or even much in the way of storage. This saves money of both individuals and the businesses."

Nowadays, multiple advantages of cloud computing attract a lot of customers. Usage of cloud technology is quite profitable for enterprises and considerably facilitates their work; that's why cloud computing solution is widely implemented by many organizations. Nevertheless, cloud and security issue still causes a lot of concerns among users and impedes to cloud adoption. It's worth mentioning that to protect on-premises data and data stored in the cloud, the typical security methods are used. Moving data to an external storage does not inevitably pose new risks. Moreover, storing information on the cloud can be even more secure and cost-effective in case of professional support.

However, while using cloud computing it is necessary to protect not only the data that is already stored in the cloud, but also data in motion. These data include not only information transmitted between the local server and the cloud, but also usernames and passwords that are considered to be the most sensitive pieces of this kind of data. While in transition, information is more likely to be accessed by the third party. Encryption is the best way of this risk elimination.

Among of the threats to cloud computing data security are phishing, inappropriate access to data by cloud service provider personnel, and the origin of the data itself. They are not unique to the cloud, but should be taken into consideration while making up the cloud security strategy.

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