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DJAX Video Adserver for Online Video Advertising

dJAX Video Ad Server sets up, track and optimize online video advertising. It helps publishers find advertisers to sell their ad inventory and advertisers to insert their ads into online videos. It supports both Linear and Non-linear ads.

dJAX Video Ad Server is an easy-to-use ad serving platform which supports onlne video advertising on websites, mobile screens and game environments. It is built to meet the different targeting needs of the advertisers and uses VAST ( Video Ad Serving Template - a standard set by IAB for video ad serving) so that ads can be served into any VAST supporting video player. All types of video ad formats such as in-stream ads, In-text ads and In-banner ads are supported.

Linear and Non-linear Video Ads - In-Stream Video ads

Both types of in-stream ads are supported - Linear and non-linear ads. Linear ads are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads where as non-linear ads include static and dynamic overlay ads. Both linear and non-linear ads can be added along with companion ads.

META Keywords - Contextual Targeting

Taglines or keywords of the ads are matched with META keywords of the webpages to find the right spots to serve the ads. This ensures ads are served targeting those users who are on the page at that instant, in real time. The contextual targeting does full justice to the advertiser's spend on his online marketing.

Revenues and Expenditures - Funds Reporting

The system performs a detailed analysis and prepares statistical reports on payouts, daily spends, balance in, commission and other revenues and expenditures of advertisers and publishers which could help them to keep track of their funds flowing both inward and outward and plan their budgets and run their businesses accordingly.

Anti-fraud Clicks - Fraud Detection

The anti-fraud system differentiates the fraudulent clicks from the genuine ones and helps advertisers to cut down on their marketing losses. It is customizable enough to suit the different needs of advertisers in identifying the fraudsters.

Video Ad Views and Performance - Ad Reach Gauging

It helps tracking how has an ad fared on the net with the users, knowing its reach and the users' response to it - who has watched it till the end, who has skipped it etc.

Template Library - Easy-to-use and Ready-to-use Templates

The user can either choose one from many readily available templates or get a quickly worked on template depending on his needs and taste.

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