Direct to Garment printing New Tchnology for the UK

The first full Colour Direct To Garment printer is launched in the UK. Brothers new DTG printer the GT782 arrives in Coventry.

Screen printing for the personalisation of clothing has been around for many hundreds of years. The basic principle has not changed apart for the automation and modern electronic controls.

A silk screen is produced and a template that covers the screen allows ink to be pushed through the screen depositing the ink on the garment. In its basic form only spot colours can be printed and a screen has to be prepared for each colour printed.

The preparation time of the templates and screens means then small runs of printed clothing are uneconomical to produce due to the set up and break down times.

Direct to Garment Printing or DTG as it is known was first developed about 6 years ago on a commercial basis, however no white ink was available so DTG printing was restricted to white or light garments only.

The principle of the system is that of an ink jet printer that every office / home has sitting on a desk. They do not print white ink as paper is white, it simply leaves the paper un printed.

A larger version with new technical nozzles, inks and software produce a machine that produces a full colour print direct onto the garment from the PC without any costly or expensive screens. The print just needs heat sealing to cure the ink. The latest generation just Launched in Europe now has white ink so opens up the ability to print on dark garments.

Acorn Printing was the fist Company in Europe to place an order and the first in the UK to take delivery.

Clive Horlor the Companies Managing Director confirmed that the machine will revolutionise the small order business within the Company.

To be able to produce a high quality printed full colour design on a single garment was not possible unless transfer papers were used. This new technology allows a true printed design in full colour and is economical for just one garment.

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