DiningGrades.com Awards Platte River Academy With Certification in Food Safety

58 Platte River Academy members successfully complete the DiningGrades.com Food Server Certification course for food safety.

DiningGrades.com, the leader in promoting clean and healthy restaurant dining, is pleased to recognize Platte River Academy as the most recent organization whose members have successfully completed the Dining Grades Food Server Certification and Food Safety course.

At Platte River Academy (PRA), a charter school in the Douglas County School District, school staff and volunteer parents serve the catered lunch on a daily basis. By encouraging these volunteer food servers to become trained in food safety, PRA becomes a leader and an example to other schools also concerned about food safety for its students.

"We are very pleased to see organizations like Platte River Academy taking a proactive approach to food safety," said Dr. Stueven, Founder of Dining Grades. "PRA's students will be safer and parents can rest assured that their children are being protected against the risks of food poisoning."

The Food Server Certification and Food Safety courses allow all types of hospitality and service organizations to successfully train their staff on food safety best practices. These affordable, on-demand courses unburden management and/or the head chefs from basic educational responsibilities, and allow organizations to standardize their food safety orientation programs.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from food safety training courses, visit DiningGrades.com.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates about 48 million Americans get food-borne diseases every year - 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Over 40% of these cases are traced directly back to restaurants. Dining Grades is working to spread awareness of clean dining in order to decrease these astonishing numbers and save lives.


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