Dining Grades Announces Solution for Restaurants to Improve Cleanliness Image

Dining Grades launches a solution for restaurant owners to improve guest perceptions on cleanliness and food safety.

DiningGrades.com, the leader in promoting clean and healthy restaurant dining, has launched its restaurant partnership program to help restaurants improve guest perceptions on cleanliness.

Dining Grades (http://www.dininggrades.com) offers consumers a tool to grade their restaurant dining experiences based on cleanliness, while providing restaurants with critical data and feedback to improve guest perceptions and food safety.

With the new Dining Grades restaurant partnership program, restaurant owners will be able to conveniently know exactly what their customers are saying about their business in a timely manner, in order to increase their customer loyalty and profits.

Dining Grades is unique as a restaurant ratings system, and no other tool is as objective or focused. Restaurant owners can use the partnership program to improve their cleanliness image through the use of this objective and focused data by providing real time response to address customer comments. Restaurant owners can also promote their dedication to clean dining and train their employees in best practices of food handling and serving.

"Dining Grades is honored to offer our restaurant partnership program," said Dr. Harlan Stueven, Founder of Dining Grades. "It conveniently allow managers and owners to improve their cleanliness perception in the eyes of diners and simultaneously promote their commitment to food safety."

The Centers for Disease Control estimates about 48 million Americans get food-borne diseases every year - 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Over 40% of these cases are traced directly back to restaurants. Dining Grades is working to spread awareness of clean dining in order to decrease these astonishing numbers and save lives.


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