Detectamet's retractable highlighters halve the risk of physical contamination of food. Made from detectable plastics they can be found by metal and X-ray detection systems. Users can chose from five ink colours and the pens can be easily refilled.

'No-Top' pens halve the chances of food contamination from items 'lost' in the food processing equipment. That's why Detectamet has now started to distribute the Retractable Highlighter Pen. It is the latest addition to the company's unrivalled choice of detectable pens.

Specifically designed for industries like food processing that is sensitive to contamination issues this pen offers solutions to questions arising from hazard analysis and control management processes. It is proven to be robust, non-toxic and detectable by metal detection and X-ray inspection systems.

The refills are housed in the detectable, retractable, and patented housing design. This stops the ink from drying out. So there is no need for a cap and no need to worry about a missing cap turning up in the yoghourt!

Click the pen to expose the nib and then write. When finished one more click and the highlighter nib is safely retracted and sealed again.

The Detectamet blue plastic housing is fully detectable and satisfies US and EU requirements for plastics in safe contact with food and the pen is also available, on request, with an attachment point for a lanyard to add extra security.

The durable chisel tip can write fine or broad to highlight or underline and there is a choice of five ink colours. The standard pack contains one pen of each colour, but, single colour packs are available on request. The sturdy structure allows the pen to be fitted with a new self-contained refill cartridge. These refills are also available in packs of five.

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