This deputy sheriff Robby Nashif motorcycle traffic cop bullies a kid also posted pictures of citizens who received traffic tickets

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has launched an internal investigation into entries posted by a deputy on his personal Facebook page.

Deputy Robby Nashif has limited access to his Facebook page so only those he approves can see the entries. But they have come to light on the website, a self-styled watchdog organization that posts blog entries on what it considers to be questionable behavior by police.

One OregonCopblock blog entry is entitled "Clackamas County Bully Deputy Takes Photos of Suspect for Facebook Friends to Make Fun Of." The entry includes dashboard-camera video from Nashif's patrol car showing him making a traffic stop and then using a cellphone to photograph the vehicle, its license plates and the driver.

The entry accuses Nashif of using the photos to make a "virtual dartboard" for mockery, but doesn't elaborate.

Lt. Robert Wurpes, sheriff's spokesman, declined to comment on OregonCopblock's specific allegations.

"It's an open, on-going investigation," Wurpes said. "But it should be pointed out that some of these Facebook entries are five years old."

Wurpes said the sheriff's office policies allows online social-media blogging if their entries do not endanger working relationships, negatively affect duties, promote ill will among employees or damage the public's perception of the sheriff's office or Clackamas County.

-- Rick Bella reposted by Christopher Ponte of the Oregon Cop block watchdog group chapter a decentralized group of individuals who are interested in filming of police activities and agree that Badges don't grant extra rights. There facebook fan page contains information about this situation. Tune in for update