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DePaul University Adds Pathways to Growth to Graduate Business School Curriculum

DePaul University has added Pathways to Growth to the Sales Management 2.0 class in the Graduate curriculum of the Center for Sales Leadership in the Driehaus College of Business.

CloudCoaching International announced today that DePaul University has added Pathways to Growth: 9 Disciplines to Create Sales Breakthroughs in Turbulent Times to the Sales Management 2.0 class in the Graduate curriculum of the Center for Sales Leadership in the Driehaus College of Business. Pathways to Growth is co-authored by Walter Rogers, CEO of CloudCoaching International (CCI) and his business partner, author and peak performance strategist Tony Robbins.

"Pathways to Growth will be one of the main textbooks used in the Sales Management 2.0 graduate course at The DePaul Center for Sales Leadership. I am impressed with the book's ability to immediately focus a student's attention on Sales Management 2.0 best practice and essential disciplines for high-performing sales managers," said Daniel P. Strunk, Managing Director of DePaul's Center for Sales Leadership. "This is the second book we have added from Rogers to our curriculum. The first book, SPARK! - 11 Best Practices to Turn your CRM into a Corporate Nervous System, has been an overwhelming success so when Rogers offered Pathways to Growth for the graduate program we were thrilled to include it."

"The book begins by focusing on the lost art of sales management," said Rogers. "Over the past 25 years, the emergence of new technologies, combined with corporate cost-cutting initiatives, led most sales organizations to close regional sales offices in an effort to save on real-estate costs and disperse their sales teams to work directly in the field from home-based offices. Unfortunately, those regional sales offices had been ideal incubators for honing sales skills, driving sales rep performance and assuring accountability. When they closed, the primary method of transmitting and coaching these vital skills was lost."

In Pathways to Growth, Robbins and Rogers draw upon their combined 60+ years of experience working with millions of sales professionals and leaders, as well as the insights of respected thought leaders in business, academia and private equity, to reintroduce sales organizations to the lost art and science of sales management.

"Pathways to Growth details 9 sales management Disciplines in a "how-to" workbook format for sales managers to drive higher levels of performance and boost top-line growth" said Robbins. "The idea is to help sales organizations achieve peak performance as they learn new strategies, understand the performance coaching process in a whole new way, and then take massive action putting these new skills into practice."

"We are pleased and honored by the addition of Pathways to Growth to the Sales Management 2.0 curriculum at the DePaul Center for Sales Leadership," said Rogers. "DePaul has one of the largest and most respected sales education programs in the country. They have an amazing vision for how to prepare their sales graduates to quickly deliver value for their future employers. It is this type of investment in the future of our sales force that will ensure they can better collaborate, compete and win in a rapidly changing, connected and global business climate."

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CloudCoaching International helps sales organizations break through limiting beliefs and challenges, while maximizing their CRM investment-unlocking an even greater level of potential and implementing proven tools to maximize their bottom line. We help create high-performance sales cultures focused on growth. Our award winning solutions include software; consulting, training, coaching and tools that help our clients accelerate their pipeline to purchase cycle, increase their account acquisition strategy, and retain and grow existing customer relationship. Our family of companies serves more than 50% of the Fortune 500, have a local presence in 20+ countries covering 10+ languages and have over three decades of proven experience.

About the DePaul Center for Sales Leadership

DePaul University's Center for Sales Leadership has one of the largest sales education programs in the country. The Sales Leadership Program offers students connections with real companies and education taught by industry experts. The Center has now expanded the range of services to include concentrations on Sales Leadership, Corporate Services, and Sales Skills Research.

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