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Dentists All Smiles Over "New" Marketing

Businesses are realizing the power of the postcard in the dental industry.

It's hard to believe something as simple as a postcard could have these dentists abuzz with excitement, but there is no denying the truth - they have rediscovered the proven marketing strategy of direct mail postcards, and are amazed by the results!

Practitioners from Sierra Dental, Albert Family Orthodontics and Transitions Dental are ecstatic about the number of patients and responses they are getting from their dental postcard marketing campaigns, and have nothing but glowing reviews for PostcardMania, the postcard marketing firm in Clearwater, FL that helped them achieve their success.

"Dentists trust us," says Founder and CEO, Joy Gendusa. "We've been working with their industry for years, and know which designs and offers get results. It's just that simple."

While it may be simple to experts like Gendusa and her self-proclaimed postcard marketing "Maniacs," their clients tell us just how much they actually do to make their campaign a success.

Carlos Sierra of Sierra Dental raves, "PostcardMania is affordable and handles everything. We don't have time to be 'hands on' and they make the production process easy and stress-free."

Jeremy Albert from Albert Family Orthodontics, who boasts a 480% return on his investment, has similar praise. "Every time we send out a mailing, we see an immediate response and have more traffic to our practice. With PostcardMania, it's so convenient and easy; they are full service and take care of everything!"

When he says that PostcardMania takes care of everything - it's no exaggeration! In their main office building they design the postcard (with unlimited revisions at no additional cost) and pair it with the perfect mailing list. Then it heads next door to their production facility where they print, cut, sort and mail the pieces - and save their clients money on postage.

Danielle Grieves, Marketing Manager for Transitions Dental, says their influx of new patients has doubled and advises any practice considering working with PostcardMania to "go for it!"

PostcardMania is harnessing the power of the postcard, and dentists across the country are plugging in to recharge their practices!

PostcardMania, Inc.
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Ferris Stith, Director of Public Relations
PostcardMania, Inc.

800-628-1804 x 342
PostcardMania, Inc.
2145 Sunnydale Blvd. Bldg. 102