Dennis Bucko: Plastic Surgeon Responds to Provocative New Study on Breast Health

A new study reveals some surprising factors in overall breast health and aging; the study has won the attention of plastic surgeon, Dennis Bucko.

There are many reasons why patients enlist the services of a plastic surgeon, but one of the most common requests is for breast lifts or breast augmentation procedures. For many women, cosmetic surgery offers an effective way to minimize the visible effects of age on their breasts. For other women, however, it is preferable to keep their breasts as healthy as possible without receiving any kind of surgical enhancements. A new study highlights some of the factors that determine a woman's overall breast health-and it has won the attention of Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon from San Diego.

The new study compares the breast health of identical twin sisters. With genetics rendered a non-issue, the study compares different lifestyle choices made by each sister, and ultimately provides a number of insights into the factors that can cause breasts to age more rapidly.

Some factors are identified in the study as contributing to positive breast health, and to helping breasts appear younger for as long as possible. Some of these positive factors include the decision to breastfeed, as well as daily moisturizing. Hormone replacement therapy is also listed as a positive factor.

Meanwhile, other factors are determined to accelerate the breast aging process. These negative factors include smoking, the consumption of alcohol, having multiple pregnancies, and having a higher body mass index. Women with larger breasts are also found to experience accelerated breast aging.

The study has won the attention of many medical professionals, including plastic surgeon Dennis Bucko. Dr. Bucko has responded to the study with a new statement to the press, in which he emphasizes the importance of overall breast health. "In my view as a plastic surgeon, these breast health discoveries are immensely important for women to know about," says Dr. Bucko. "Keeping breasts healthy is the best way to minimize the appearance of age. Additionally, breast health is an important consideration both before and after surgical procedures. Any woman who thinks she might ever consider breast surgery should ensure that her overall breast health is stellar, starting now."

Dennis Bucko, plastic surgeon, says that some women may still choose surgery as a way of enhancing the appearance of their breasts, but even in those instances, breast health is highly important. "Some of the lifestyle considerations reported in this study are important for reasons that go well beyond the appearance of the breasts," concludes Dr. Bucko. "Ultimately, what matters is that women put their health first, something this study makes very clear."


Dennis Bucko is a plastic surgeon, specializing in an array of cosmetic procedures. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dennis Bucko treats male and female patients who are interested in improving their appearance. Also a humanitarian, Dr. Bucko is a regular volunteer with the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team, which operates on children with deformities. Dr. Bucko seeks to provide the highest standards of patient care while supporting the research and technology that will enable the field to serve more patients and change more lives.


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