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Defiance Fan Page Discusses MMO's In-Game Mechanics

A newly launched fan page dedicates its pages towards Trion Worlds' newest mmo installment, Defiance. The website talks about the game's weapons, enemies and EGO management.

Defiance is the newest game developed and published by Trion Worlds which is the developer of hit titles such as RIFT, War of Nations and Warface. Adding the newest game to their expanding library, Defiance has been well received by the gaming community since it's announcement in 2012. In doing so, is the newest fanpage to launch to anticipate the game, coming out on April 2, 2013. The website contains information about the game, enemy profiles and EGO management.

Information about the game is posted on the website for readers to catch up on what the game is about. Providing an in-depth synopsis, the bloggers introduce the two races in the game: Humans and Votans. Character profiles, backgrounds and the purpose of the Von Bach Industries are located on the website. In doing so, the writers write about Ark Hunters; these are the roles the players assume in the game and their mission: They are hired by VBI to retrieve lost, advanced alien technology.

Being an Ark Hunter, Ark Hunters will be equipped with an arsenal of weapons. The breakdown of these weapons are located at Weapons are essential in the game as players go head-to-head with Hellbugs. Hellbugs are one of the several enemies players will face in the game. Thus, the website contains a thorough guide on how to destroy Hellbugs with the use of the game's several available arsenals. From a PvP standpoint, these weapons can cause considerable damage if used properly with the player's EGO.

EGO, in the game is the player's main abilities or active skills which the player assigns to their character. On one of the pages, the author describe the types of EGO available to the player which falls into four categories, one being called Overcharge. In addition to equipping the main ability, players can also equip 'perks'. These 'perks' are labeled as 'add-on' abilities or in simpler terms; passive abilities. As there are three known perks of the moment, the author describes the differences in perk attributes: Risk Taker, Thick Skinned and Preparedness. Depending on the player's playstyle, the author has set up some examples that the players should use their EGO with their perks.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the EGO and perk, the author posted a video and below it, transcribed the types of perks that can aid players in the game. In addition to videos, the author has created a poll section for visitors to vote on the next perk the author should cover. The videos are uploaded weekly and comments are open for any visitor to leave a comment.

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