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Dayton Literary Peace Prize Nominee Says Capitalism Is #1 Cause of Poverty

Author and humanitarian, Christine Horner, says "loser for every winner" is capitalism's true trickle-down effect.

Even while increasing empirical evidence confirms what we've suspected all along—the ongoing degradation of working class wealth that's been occurring over many generations—we need not look any further than the central elements of capitalism to discover its inherent flaws.

Built on the premise of wealth generation, it's the exploitation of capitalism's flaws that have allowed the creation of an uneven playing field, permitting those who master the outdated economic system to exploit those who would like to live an uncomplicated life.

"The ongoing myth that continues to perpetuate is that there is not enough wealth on the planet for every person to live comfortably. We must recognize capitalism's shortfalls and begin the inquiry into higher consciousness economics that include social responsibility, making it easy for humanity to thrive, rather than through unnecessary struggle," says Horner.

Another shortfall of capitalism is that it is dependent on growth. Human population has peaked in half the world's countries, meaning the fertility rate is below replacement level. Some countries even offer incentives to boost birthrates.

"How is this sustainable? What economic model can we create that allows for conservation in equal measure to economic footprint?" Horner goes on to say, as she thanks those in business with the maturity, wisdom, and integrity to be of true service to the global community.

Horner is the author of the recently released e-booklet, Beyond Capitalism: Why Capitalism is the #1 Cause of Poverty and the Way Back to Our Natural Abundance. For more information, please visit the, or

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