David Longoria Instrumental Zoon Baloomba Enters Billboard Chart At #50 First Trumpet Hit Since 1979

Trumpeter David Longoria released his instrumental single "Zoon Baloomba" this week entering the Billboard Dance Music Chart at #50 with a bullet. This marks the first time a trumpeter has charted an instrumental since Herb Alpert in 1979 with "Rise"

David Longoria , known for his innovative blend of Latin, Jazz and Dance music has achieved National Hit status with his new single Zoon Baloomba as it enters the Billboard Dance Music Charts October 6, 2012 at #50 with a bullet. This marks the first time a trumpet player has achieved success on this chart with an instrumental since Herb Alpert did it with Rise in 1979. Rise went on to reach #17 on that chart and reached #1 on the US Billboard Pop Chart in the following months. Part of the success of Rise was attributed to it being featured in the hit TV daytime TV soap General Hospital.

Longoria reached #14 on this chart in 2006 with his single Deeper Love (featuring singer Cece Peniston) but Longoria and Peniston sang together along with his trumpet work to create that hit. Zoon Baloomba is an instrumental song featuring Longoria's trademark trumpet embellished by some brief tribal vocals announcing the song's title.

The single Zoon Baloomba has been presented in several remixed versions including Club mixes from popular remixers Ralphi Rosario, Majik Boys, Mickey Oliver, Gustavo Scorpio, and Mental Blue. It debuts on the chart right behind K-Pop Dance mega Hit "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer PSY at #49.

The tracks are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other music sales outlets. It is currently playing in clubs across America with a much anticipated official music video scheduled for release in October. The unofficial music videos are posted on YouTube(youtube.com/davidlongoria) and have already gathered about a million combined views to date.

Longoria is known in Jazz and Latin Jazz circles as an exceptional musician, often considered one of the most exciting trumpeters of this generation. His unafraid attitude in creating cutting edge works has earned him many awards including the Hollywood Music Awards Best Instrumental Artist Award, the ASYM (America Society Of Young Musicians) All That Jazz Award and the American Jazz Society's Top Contemporary Artist 2012 Award.

"I always admired Miles Davis for going out on a limb to push the envelope of modern music", Longoria says, adding "And Herb Alpert always knew how to make trumpet music cool and accessible to the public, not just to jazz fans."

And that's what is happening again now with Zoon Baloomba as it climbs the Billboard Dance chart. Thousands of clubs across America are featuring the song and Longoria's innovative approach to the trumpet and current music in the age of the electronic. "I love to blend my sound with organic and electronic elements to create something unique," Longoria explains, adding "and it's a great feeling to know so many people are enjoying and dancing to my music right now!"

For more about Zoon Baloomba and David Longoria on the web: zoonbaloomba.com davidlongoria.com facebook.com/davidlongoriafans


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