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Dapresy Pro Marketing Dashboard Does Data Better Than Anyone

Dapresy makes Dapresy Pro, anonline marketing dashboard that excels in data import, export and manipulation.

Dapresy ( makes Dapresy Pro, an online marketing dashboard that excels in data import, export and manipulation. This puts it light years ahead of Power Point and other data presentation tools.

Because Dapresy Pro accepts CSV, SPSS, EXCEL, CSV and Triple-S data formats, the Meta data can be easily manipulated using the Dapresy Pro marketing dashboard. That means you can change names, text, and labels and do small recoding chores without knowing how to use the original data software.

"One of the best things about Dapresy Pro market research software is that when you correct small errors with initial data sets, Dapresy remembers and fixes them automatically whenever new data is uploaded," said Rudy Nadilo, President, Dapresy North America.

Dapresy Pro also looks for specified FTP sites and can do automatic searches and downloads of data every month, every day or even every hour. After the data is imported, Dapresy automatically updates the presentation.

One of the great things about Dapresy Pro is the ability to change variables. For example you can drag and drop two variables to make one variable. It's also possible to split a data set without going back to the data provider. You simply do it using the Dapresy Pro market research software.

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About Dapresy
Dapresy is the leader in Visual Business Intelligence (VBI) and partners with leading companies to help them easily deploy state-of-the-art InfoGraphics based dashboards. Dapresy provides a user-friendly, dynamic way to deliver results in an online delivery tool. These dynamic dashboards are individually tailored so the "right person, sees the right data, at the right time". For marketers looking to move beyond PowerPoint and Excel, Dapresy is simply the better way to deliver marketing research results.

Dapresy was founding in 1999 in Sweden and quickly became the leader in market research andonline data reporting for customer experience programs, employee 360-degree research, brand tracking studies, mystery shopping and ad-hoc projects. Dapresy's flagship tool is Dapresy Pro, which deploys web-based portals for dynamic online presentation and report downloads, promptly delivering, actionable results from survey and other business data coming from markets, users and customers.

Dapresy clients include firms like TNS, GfK, Ipsos, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Morpace, Kantar Media, Rogers Connect Market Research, Ad Hoc Research, Sentient Decision Science, Blauw, andmany others. For more information, visit

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