Dade Moeller Radiation Experts Respond To Japan Nuclear Incident

Firm provides consulting services and free online resources to concerned companies and individuals

Nationally-and internationally-recognized radiation protection firm Dade Moeller ( ) revealed today that it is supporting organizations responding to the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan. The company is providing radiation-related assistance to companies and organizations that have employees, infrastructure, or other interests in Japan. Dade Moeller also is making educational resources available free of charge on its website for any individuals or organizations worldwide who need to learn more about radiation, its effects on human health, and ways to stay protected. "Companies with employees or other assets in Japan that have never before had to worry about radiation are finding us online and asking us for help," says CEO Matthew P. Moeller, who is also a Certified Health Physicist [CHP, radiation protection scientist]. "They are concerned whether their employees are safe, whether their facilities are contaminated, and how to prepare so as to be protected from potential future releases. With more CHPs than any other private entity in the United States, we are well equipped to help during this time of need, and we feel it is our duty and privilege to offer our expertise in this way."

Dade Moeller is providing support pertaining to issues of radiation protection, radiological protective actions, nuclear plant accident impacts, health physics, environmental transport, pathway analyses, human and environmental health consequence assessments, and radiation dose estimation and dose reconstruction. Companies that would like to learn more about how Dade Moeller can help should contact William "Bill" Herrington at or 509-946-0410 x257.

Dade Moeller also recognizes that there are many individuals, both in Japan and elsewhere, who are seeking reliable information on radiation safety for their personal use. As such, the company is making available to the public several educational resources on radiation and radiation protection. To date, the company has posted to its website one presentation in portable document format (PDF) entitled "Basics of Radioactivity and Radiation." This document, which consists of 32 slides, is designed for the lay-person using easy-to-understand language. This presentation can be accessed at

Dade Moeller also is in the process of making available three of its web-based Radiation Safety Academy educational courses, entitled "Radiation Safety Awareness," "Basic Radiation Safety," and "Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation."

Dade Moeller Responds to Japan Nuclear Incident

These courses, which normally would cost more than $300 per student, will be available for free on the company's website at These courses will give individuals a fundamental understanding of various aspects of radiation protection, including what radiation is, its potential effects on human health, and what to do in case of an emergency. Dade Moeller will announce the availability of these free web-based courses in the coming days via press release. "We will keep these resources available to the public for as long as they are needed," stated Moeller. "It's the right thing to do." ABOUT DADE MOELLER Headquartered near the U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford nuclear site in Richland, Wash., Dade Moeller is a nationally recognized firm that provides a full range of professional and technical services to federal, state, and commercial clients in support of nuclear, radiological, and environmental operations. We specialize in radiation protection, health physics, worker

safety, and radiation training. Our staff members are trusted professionals with proven performance helping our clients protect people and the environment. Founded in 1994, our Company proudly bears the name of Dr. Dade W. Moeller, a premier scientist and educator in the fields of health physics and environmental health.

To ensure receipt of future Dade Moeller press releases related to our response to the Fukushima nuclear incident, please contact Paula Tumlinson at MEDIA NOTE:

Media Requests: Paula Tumlinson (Richland, Wash.), 509-946-0410 x283,

Health Physics Consulting: Bill Herrington (Richland, Wash.), 509-946-0410 x257,
Radiation Safety Academy Training: Alan Fellman (Gaithersburg, Md.), 301-990-6006 x14,


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