Custom Cases Protect Defense and Emergency Equipment in Transit

Organizations such as the military, law enforcement, SWAT, firefighters, and first responders have unique needs for carrying weapons and lifesaving gear to scenes of operations. A Houston-based company supplies custom foam cases to these markets.

Personnel in extreme and high-risk professions are frequently called to perform duties in hostile environments and locations not always accessible by conventional means of transportation. Transporting the weaponry , communications, personal protective gear, and emergency medical equipment to personnel in the field, undamaged and in good working order is vital. Protecting digital lifesaving apparatus from breakage during transit is critical. Having the equipment delivered intact to engagement and disaster sights can define success or failure of missions.

Organizations dealing in defense and emergency services search for new and innovative containment systems to safely transport equipment in any possible scenario. Lightweight, yet tough cases with the ability to take significant abuse, while guarding breakable contents from damage are ideal for most applications.

Houston-based OmniCase works with clients to assemble ultimate transport and carrying cases for industry-specific equipment and gear costing into the thousands of dollars. These units are designed for transporting mission critical equipment by air freight, or over rough terrain or water, and to a variety of unfriendly destinations.

OmniCase begins with premium-grade, molded, hard shell cases from brand-name manufacturers, and customizes the interiors with Omni's hallmark "PerfectFit™" protective foam inserts . Computerized CAD/CAM technology assists in machining precision fitted compartments in the foam. The apertures virtually eliminate movement, minimize shock and offer moisture resistance for fragile components during transport.

With specialty custom cases from OmniCase, success rates of your missions are sustained with fewer failures due to equipment mishandling and transportation mishaps. An added bonus is the available lifetime warranties for outer hard shell and hardware replacement.

Industry comes to OmniCase with problems and gets solutions. Call OmniCase.

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