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Curtis Mock Explains Why Many Fitness Marketing Strategies Don't Seem To Work

Curtis Mock helps his clients implement fitness marketing strategies, and explains that often strategies need to be evaluated with a long-term mindset. He explains how short-term thinking can lead to the pre-mature demise of a profitable plan.

Fitness marketing expert Curtis Mock has been advising fitness industry entrepreneurs on how to improve their fitness marketing strategies for more than a decade. He's found one overarching reason why many of these strategies don't work - short-term focus. "It's really not about the strategies themselves," explains Mock. "Often times it's simply the way that we view them. We tend to expect an immediate return on investment and overlook the lifetime value of a customer."

"Usually it's not that simple," says Mock. "With many fitness marketing strategies, we tend to look back at a particular campaign and say 'well, I spent $500 on it and it's only pulled in two new members, who have brought in $250 worth of revenue over the past 3 months, so it must not be working.' But looking at it that way overlooks the fact that those two new members have a customer lifetime value of, say, $1000 and you never have to spend another dime to acquire them as a customer again. You just spent $500 to make $1000…if you can't see that's a sustainable strategy, then we have bigger problems!"

Mock explained that he advises his clients to use a number of different fitness marketing strategies at once, constantly testing new and different strategies to see which ones stick. "Sometimes we just have to adjust how we are evaluating the strategies to find out which ones are truly working and which need to go," says Mock.

Mock gave an example using a service called FitLeads New Mover Marketing, which makes it easy for fitness business owners to market to the latest people to move into a residence nearby their facility. "One of our FitLeads clients said that they wanted to stop doing it because they had only had a dozen people respond to the offer and only added four new members. But when we really looked into it, we found that a dozen responses amounted to an 8% response rate - which is unheard of for direct mail. When we looked at the expected lifetime value of those four new members, we found that this method was more than pulling its weight. The client was just a little too quick to try to pull the plug on one of their more effective fitness marketing strategies," says Mock.

Of course, the answer isn't about sticking blindly to a failing strategy. To Mock, the key is all about taking the proper perspective, finding the truly effective fitness marketing strategies and dumping the duds. "We are all about testing. If it really isn't working, let's tweak it to make it work or dump it. If it's working, keep doing it," says Mock.

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