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Curtis Mock Explains a Gym Promotion Idea to Make 2014 a Banner Year for Gyms

Fitness marketing guru Curtis Mock explains one of his best gym promotion ideas to get more leads and more members in 2014.

Gym promotion ideas are everywhere, and the beginning of a new year is always a crazy time as gyms scramble for their share of the New Year's resolution pie to get a good start to 2014. It's very important to have a solid marketing plan in place that will cut through the clutter and get response, all year round.

Curtis Mock, founder of Fitness Marketing Group and, brings a gym promotion idea that has proven very successful for many of his clients. "Fitness Giftcards are a powerful way to market your fitness business, without the expense of direct mail or advertising," says Mock. "It requires a little bit of legwork for distribution, but it's a much better way to target your marketing rather than blasting 10,000 people and hope you'll get lucky with a 1% response rate."

Fitness Giftcards are a gym promotion idea that Curtis Mock started as a way to increase the return from an offer that many gyms already have in place. Many gyms, health clubs, and studios will offer some kind of no-enrollment or free first-month specials, which are great money-saving offers, but can get lost in the clutter. Mock advocates distributing gift cards for an amount similar to what the consumer would save with a no-enrollment or free first month offer. This allows the gym to charge its normal price, but the consumer gets a great value because they have a gift card that enables them to save the amount of money on the gift card. Because the card is designed to be redeemed in a single transaction, there's no need for the cards to be "loaded" up-front and carry a declining balance. So there's no special technology required to use the cards and the cards can be offered to gym owners at prices that are less than traditional retail gift cards.

"The best part about this gym promotion idea is that consumers value these cards because they look and feel just like a traditional gift card or a credit card," says Mock. "Even if the recipient doesn't use it right away, they'll hold onto it until they do decide to join a gym, or give it to someone who they know will use it, because they can't just throw away a gift card."

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