Curated Art Gallery Featuring Water Drop Photography Of Markus Reugels, a curated gallery offering beautiful art prints mounted to aluminum, acrylic and bamboo by artists from all over the world, has announced it is featuring the work of German photographer Markus Reugels.

Combining patience, precision and skill, water drop photography can produce fantastically abstract creations. Few have mastered the art of water drop photography, but Markus Reugels of Germany through much trial and error and elaborate systems, has been able to create some of the finest work in the field. Using color filters, food coloring, precisely timed cameras and water or milk, Reugels creates stunning liquid art. For the first time and not available anywhere else, it's now possible to bring this beautiful work to life with water drop photography prints mounted to acrylic, bamboo or aluminum at

Currently is featuring 35 Reugels open edition, unsigned prints which allows the company to provide affordable pricing for world class original art. In the future, limited edition signed prints may be available for purchase at a significantly higher price. Says Founder Tate Dwinnell,"The biggest goal with Artprintstopia from Day 1 was to create a market for affordable, gallery quality art created by some of the world's most talented and undiscovered artists. Much of the world's best art is closed to wealthy individuals and investors and we want to be a part of changing that."

ArtPrintstopia is the world's first curated gallery to offer all three unique mounting materials - bamboo, acrylic and aluminum. Through an exclusive partnership with, the company is able to create modern, gallery quality works of art by printing and mounting digital photos, digital art and digital reproductions of paintings to bamboo, acrylic and aluminum. "The future of art display is here," says Dwinnell. "We are seeing a fairly rapid rise in those interested in a more modern display than what canvas or traditional matte/glass frames can offer. The most compelling is the acrylic face mount technique which had previously been confined to Europe and high end galleries on the East Coast. Words and pictures simply can't describe the color pop and vibrancy that an acrylic face mount brings to the colorful creations that Reugels produces. They really have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated."

Please visit for more information.

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