Crowdbabble Launches Twitter Analytics Solution for Brand Marketers

Crowdbabble Introduced Today a Comprehensive Twitter Analytics Solution to Help Brand Marketers Engage More Effectively with Customers on Twitter

Crowdbabble, a social media analytics company that helps businesses to improve their social media performance with powerful social media analytics and reporting, has launched a new Twitter Analytics reporting solution.

"Twitter is one of the most critical social networks for brands who want to engage with customers online. Our users have requested our help to better measure not only their own Twitter performance, but also that of competitors," said Crowdbabble CEO, Abbas Alidina. "Our Twitter Analytics solution provides insights on everything from audience demographics to media performance to user engagement. We have put powerful analytical horsepower into the hands of marketers with these new tools, but they are still easy to use."

To get a taste of these new Twitter tools, users can sign up for a free trial by visiting

These new Twitter reports join the existing Crowdbabble suite of over 30 different social media analytics reports for Facebook and Instagram.

With the addition of Twitter Analytics to the existing reports, Crowdbabble is a fully comprehensive social media analytics and reporting solution for brand marketers.

Crowdbabble enables social media marketers to improve engagement with their audience by providing powerful social media analytics and reports. Brands leverage the Crowdbabble social media analytics and reporting suite to analyze not only their own performance, but also that of competitors. Crowdbabble provides birds-eye overviews to help marketers understand the big picture, but also allows brands to dig deeper into social data to analyze at a more granular level. Learn more at or by following @TeamCrowdbabble on Twitter.

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