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Crosspeer Launches Elastic Cloud IAAS Services

New high-performance 'Elastic' Cloud Servers from Crosspeer provide affordable Cloud Computing to Organizations of all Sizes

Crosspeer announced the official launch of their 'Elastic' cloud computing infrastructure and applications hosting services. The Crosspeer cloud provides flexible and scalable computing resources servicing customers throughout the US and Canada.

Whether users are in need of scalable enterprise servers, fully redundant server clusters, or a low-cost personal server to maximize the use of their iPads, customers can quickly deploy servers and applications on the Crosspeer cloud through an intuitive user interface that is globally accessible from any web browser. The interface provides users with visual insight to all their cloud computing resources at a glance, giving them complete control and flexibility to scale CPU, memory and disk space independently on-demand. Customers can also choose either hard disk drives or SSDs (solid state drives) to accommodate the demands of today's advanced applications.

"Our infrastructure delivers high-performance computing resources along with applications that are easy to deploy and affordable to use," said Patrice Haftman, CTO of Crosspeer. With the decline of PC sales and the rise in use of iPads and iPhones, it is clear that desktop computing is no longer the preferred solution for today's workforce. The recent release of Windows 8 demonstrates that the emphasis is on cloud-based apps rather than software applications typically installed on the desktop. Just as touchscreen navigation is replacing the mouse, cloud computing is replacing racks of hardware."

Companies large and small are embracing the use of cloud technology and unlike many cloud providers who impose pre-set server configurations, Crosspeer can meet the need of any server requirement and operating system. Users are free to install any x86 OS or upload their own server images. This can be especially useful for companies who develop and test custom software, for those who perform scientific analysis, for digital video applications such as editing and streaming, and for those in need of a platform to deploy their SAAS application. Customers can purchase computing resources on the Crosspeer cloud by the hour, by monthly subscription or even a combination of the two, giving them the utmost flexibility and control at a price they can afford.

"Business owners as well as corporate CEOs have had to reduce operating costs to survive in today's stalled economy," remarked Salvador Diaz-Verson, CEO of Crosspeer. "They must find ways to do more with less, and capital expenditures for new server hardware and equipment upgrades can be difficult to justify. The Crosspeer cloud is a cost-effective solution, providing scalable high-performance computing resources that can accommodate everything from web apps to disaster recovery."

Crosspeer is offering prospective customers a free cloud server trial that includes a 2000 core-MHz CPU, 1GB memory and 20GB disk. Users have total control over the OS and server configuration and can even upload their own media and server images during the trial.

For more information about Crosspeer Cloud Computing and to sign-up for the Free Cloud Server Trial, visit the company's website at

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