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Creating Team Chemistry in Startups

Startup companies live or die by their ability to 'team' well. Novotorium, a startup incubator in Langhorne, PA, is giving startups and their supporters the chance to learn about, and experience, 'Teamability®' - a new 'technology of teaming.'

Mark Talaba, Executive Vice President of The Gabriel Institute, will be presenting "Teamability: The 'Secret Sauce' for Startup Success," at Novotorium on Tuesday, June 17. The event will start at 6 p.m. EST. There is no charge for this presentation.

Teamability® is a completely new 'technology of teaming' created by The Gabriel Institute, based in Philadelphia. It is the result of a quarter-century of behavioral science R&D, including nine years of software development. Teamability measures and predicts how people will perform when working with others to achieve a common goal, producing true analytics of team chemistry.

Research has shown that 70% of Venture-funded company failures were due to "people problems." Startups are at even greater risk because they typically have a razor-thin margin for error. By enabling organizations to predict how people will interact in a team environment, and how they will most effectively contribute to the needs of the startup team, Teamability provides a new source of guidance in the selection, development, management, and motivation of individuals and teams. Since its launch in 2012, businesses on five continents have used Teamability-based Team Analysis to analyze and solve problems, energize teams, reduce workplace stress, and elevate team performance.

Startup and early-stage entrepreneurs and their teammates, as well as investors, consultants, and others with interest in startup business enterprises, are encouraged to attend. All attendees will receive free access to a personal online Teamability experience and Self-coaching report.

For more information, visit Registration is available online until June 17 at 11 a.m. The registration link is

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