Create Timeless Beauty with Modular Glass Railings from VIVA Railings

The stairway of your commercial building is an essential architectural element contributing to the structure's beauty, safety, and convenience.

The stairway of your commercial building is an essential architectural element contributing to the structure's beauty, safety, and convenience. When a visitor enters your commercial building, the stairway is an immediately noticeable visual element enhancing the attractiveness of your project. Whether you need an inside or outside stairway for your commercial project, the high-quality modular glass and stainless steel railing systems and architectural hardware produced by the VIVA team provide a wide range of distinctive designs. One of them will be perfect for your needs.

Our products deliver ADA-compliant designs developed over many years of collaboration with builders, commercial building owners and architects. VIVA Railings is also proud to offer LEED Material and Resources Credits 4.1 and 4.2 for your LEED-Certified projects. All stainless steel products by VIVA Railings, LLC contain a minimum of 65% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content, with a minimum post-consumer recycled content of 25%. The result of our years of practical commercial project experience is a line of visually stunning, practical, affordable modular glass railings to complement your building.

Our modular glass railings are used on stairways, balconies, and partitions and provide an open view that creates a feeling of spaciousness and light. We offer products with clear or colored LED lighting (NOTE: I wanted to connect to the U of M photo here rather than the PSECU) that can add additional attractiveness and safety to your stairway. We also offer etched modular glass railings with design elements. In future blog posts, we will review each product in detail and discuss how the various design elements of our modular glass railings and architectural hardware can enhance your commercial building project.

As you begin the planning stages of your commercial project, we encourage you and your architect to review our extensive photographic gallery showing how our numerous customers, from all over the United States and the world, have utilized modular glass railings from VIVA Railings to enhance the visual beauty of their public use buildings. With thousands of feet of railings in place, we are able to show you countless examples of VIVA Railings in current use in many types of commercial buildings, including university libraries, city centers, aquatic centers, public and private business structures, and many other types of other buildings. Our site provides several customer testimonials about our work.

The VIVA team includes the best Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Estimating and Project Management professionals in the industry. Together, our people and our products are an unbeatable and powerful force in contemporary commercial building. Additionally, although we have a range of modular glass railing products that we offer, we are totally open to custom fabrication for your special requirements.

We stand ready to answer your questions, consult with you on the best products for your particular commercial project, and to provide our expertise during the construction phase. For more information, contact us today at (972) 353-VIVA (8482) or by email at

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