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CPR Launches Its New Service for Customers, Mail in Broken Electronics

Now you would no more be bothered by broken electronics lying around in your house. With CPR launching its new service called 'mail-in broken electronics', getting electronics repaired becomes easier and much more hassle-free.

Are you looking for a professional cell phone repair in long island?

Have you broken electronics been lying around in your house since ages?

There's good news for all those people in Long Island who have been waiting to get their broken electronics repaired for a very long time. Long Island being an industrial city, many professionals have extremely tight schedules and are unable to take time out for things like getting broken gizmos and gadgets repaired.

CPR, a well known service centre offering professional cell phone repair in Long Island, has launched a new range of service called 'mail-in broken electronics' in order to make repairing of electronics and other gadgets easier for working people or people who are always on the move. Mail in broken electronics gives the customer the leverage to sit in his or her office/home and put in a mail informing CPR about the malfunctioning of an electronic. CPR takes it from there and relieves the customer from all kinds of stress and tension of getting an electronic repaired.

An official of the senior management level of the company stated:

"CPR®- Cell Phone Repair Franchise Systems Inc. - is an independent service organization committed to in-store repairs on all kinds of personal electronic devices. We strive to value both your time and your money, by offering low-cost repairs usually completed in under an hour. Our new 'mail-in broken electronics' is an initiative to make repairing of electronic devices a easier task for each and everyone, working or non-working.

Because of our high value on time, we are far superior to other repair companies which also offer a mail-in repair option. Those companies can take up to two weeks to return your device to you; at CPR® we offer turnaround time of only 48 hours, assuring you the quickest time in the industry."

As stated by the senior management of the company, CPR by far is the most highly recommended company when it comes to professional cell phone repair in Long Island.

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