Legeazy International, is facilitating industrial units and corporates to deal with all type of corporate actions and legal proceedings as per their needs…

Legal & corporate consultant offering advisory and consultancy services to business enterprises and corporates to deal with all corporate actions. Legeazy is working with best advocates in Delhi and providing legal assistance for dealing with all type of corporate actions and legal issues.

Legeazy International is a professional law firm in Delhi offers consultancy and advisory services for taxation, financial planning, account assessment and legal actions to individuals and other corporate bodies. The Tax and Law expert with multiple industry professionals having experience in their respective fields, Legeazy also runs various welfare societies and social associations for helpless needy people.

Legeazy is a truly a tax & registration consultant able to manage all type of legal documentation works and lawful actions against company including, industrial disputes, employee-employer disputes, management problems, legal fights with competitors, customers or suppliers etc. Legeazy facilitates to complete the documentation process and other formalities require in vehicle or property registration etc.

And legacy also works as a corporate law adviser to advice and deal with in all type corporate actions including corporate restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, corporate management, corporate governance, project financing, stock exchange & listing procedures, corporate social responsibilities and compliance related all the activities for all type of companies and business organizations.

Legeazy is complete law firm in Delhi work with multiple professionals including CAs, CS, Advocates, Journalists, Social Workers, Editors and Media professionals to handle different type of matters including, accounting, financial planning, taxation, vehicle & property registration, lawful documentations and legal case filing against individuals or corporate bodies for any type of legal or lawful actions. Companies or corporate bodies looking for such advisers can hire Legeazy for dealing such matters legally.

About the Company: Legeazy International is a legal & corporate consultant in Delhi provides advisory and consultancy services for all type of taxation, lawful acts and legal actions. It operates through a law firm in Delhi and its services include tax planning, legal advisory and personal assistance for individuals, corporates and other corporate entities at consultancy charges.