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Coral Steel Frames - The Best Wall Framing System In Australia

Coral Steel Frames Ltd or CSF is a leading steel frame manufacture company in Australia.

The steel frames and trusses manufactured by them are used in panelized roofing stem, in installing steel frame flooring, as a basic structure for the building and as a main wall frame in light weight constructions. Producing wall frames for a building is no easy task. The frames should be produced with utmost care not to make them too thick or heavy. At the same time they should be sturdy enough to support the upper storey usage. If there are showcases, the lining frames should be made more durable to withstand the entire weight of the wall just through the sidelines. The 75 and 90mm Aluzinc G550 rolls produced by CSF are the best choice for such wall frames. These high tensile sections come in 0.6mm to 1.2mm thickness. All their steel frames and trusses are produced according to the engineers drawing. They come with A3 weather proof certification. They can withstand high pressure as well as major temperature changes consistently for many years. Their panelized roofing system is capable of keeping out heat and cold effectively at a very low cost. They are fit for decorative purposes as well as protective needs. They also serve as an easy alternative to permanent roofs.

Steel frame shed's in various sizes are constructed in factories, residential complexes as well as commercial establishments for storage and parking purposes. These sheds usually occupy a particular place in the backyard or the garden. The owners look for affordable and temporary structures to construct such sheds as they do not want to alter the space too much with basement digging. They look forward to use the place efficiently in other means whenever required. Steel frame manufacture companies come up with innovative solutions for building such sheds with their high tensile panels which can be simply loaded on wheels to make great sheds. The walls, roofing as well as flooring can be done in steel within no time. CSF even provides facilities to get portable sheds transported to the required areas. These steel frame shed's can be used as anything from an outhouse to storage area and as servant quarters. They are as strong as normal houses, but only cost a fraction of the actual construction cost incurred for traditional buildings. Contact CSF if you have any such building needs. They will provide you the best solution in the industry when it comes to steel frames.

About Coral Steel Frames:
Coral Steel Frames provides complete steel frames & trusses solutions in Australia. Our trussed roof framing system is very effective & affordable. Moreover, we provide safety during its installation for our clients. Visit for more info:

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Address: 60 Lipscombe Rd,Deception Bay,Queensland 4509.
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About Coral Steel Frames

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Coral Steel Frames
Coral Steel Frames
Coral Steel Frames
60 Lipscombe RdDeception BayQueensland 4509
60 Lipscombe RdDeception BayQueensland 4509