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Cool Animates Lamp Animals Breakout Into A Crowd Funding Arena

Lamp animals have been unleashed as a new art form, animal shaped lamps, this week on Kick Starter, a crowd funding web site. The company Cool released A line of animal shaped lamps in support of two little girls who lost their mother.

Cool is attempting to breakout, as they release a brand new art form, animal shaped lamps, combining topiary frames with puzzle lamp pieces.

Topiary frames are historically used in landscape art, where shrub plants grow into animal shaped frames. The plants are then trimmed, near the frame structure, creating a unique shrub animal shape.

Puzzle lamps are special shaped small plastic pieces which hook together without the "nuts and bolts" of conventional construction to create interesting lamp shades.

By combining these two art forms, and then adding the special new color changing light bulb technology, this brand new art form of color changing animal shaped lamps called Cool Animates, was created.

The new Cool Animates campaign on Kick Starter assists two very special little girls through the crowd funding web site. Kick Starter helps entrepreneurs bring ideas to market by offering rewards for donations, including, discounts on products like the animal lamp shapes. Donors on the crowd funding web site receive discounts for the support of individual causes, when they contribute as little as one dollar.

With banks "tighten their belts" on loans, more new avenues are opening up, by reaching out to those seeking alternative funding. This can help launch their ideas, with the hope of creating new opportunities in the community.

As higher than normal unemployment levels continue, and political wrangling in Washington showing no signs of ending, the financing avenues such as, crowd funding on Kick Starter, are increasingly needed as private efforts from start ups such as, Cool Animates attempt to support the "boosting" of the nation's economy.

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