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Computer and Communication Networks Bachelor Degree — With Hands-on Training

Hand-on training is one of the most standout aspects of Centennial College's Computer and Communication Networking program, which allows students to graduate with a Bachelor degree.

After being selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Centennial College is the only post-secondary institution in Ontario to offer a bachelor's degree computer networking training program. Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Computer and Communication Networks takes four years to complete and allows students to gain a Bachelor credit — with the perks of a college-level experience.

The program is meeting Ontario's critical need for networking professionals by offering students both theoretical and practical knowledge through a balance of technology and business subjects. It also allows students to specialize in network security or wireless systems.

Students attend classes that are small in size. This specific feature ensures individual attention as well as an exchange of ideas between students as they learn from highly qualified, full-time faculty members who have industry experience.

In addition to experienced faculty and small classrooms, students enjoy modern laboratories. These are specially engineered for the curriculum, which includes topics such as computer architecture, website design and development, economics, operating systems fundamentals, LAN switching and routing, networking operating systems, database driven web applications, network management, business consulting and much more. Classrooms and labs include uniquely equipped facilities offering VoIP, cellular networks, wireless broadband (WiMax), advanced routing and switching as well as network management.

Once students are confident in the knowledge they have gained on campus, they partake in a co-op work term during the summer between second and third year. This experience is useful, as students apply their skills to the real world and expand their professional network.

As a result of successfully completing every computer and business communication course, Centennial College graduates are prepared for positions such as: project management, network or security analyst, IT project manager, technical or business account manager and network administrator or support.

Media contact: Mark Toljagic, Marketing and Communications, Centennial College,
416-289-5000, ext.7142/ mtoljagi@centennialcollege.ca

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