Comprehensive Beauty Solutions from Westmount Plastic Surgery

Westmount Plastic Surgery, performs a range of beauty treatments for patients who need cosmetic surgery. Clients from Montreal and nearby areas may now consult with Dr. Teanoosh Zadeh about combination procedures to enhance their natural good looks.

Science may enhance beauty and redefine a person's appearance. Dr. Teanoosh Zadeh proves this by offering a range of cosmetic surgery solutions. Other than breast augmentation, clients may consult about other procedures like tummy tuck, thigh lifts, and other surgery to gain the body they want.

Diverse Range of Cosmetic Solutions

A board-certified surgeon with a teaching position at the McGill University, Dr. Zadeh has extensive background and experience in plastic surgery. He stays informed about the latest advancements in his profession to provide positive results for clients. His knowledge of different procedures allows him to advise a suitable image enhancement surgery for every client.

Dr. Zadeh is not only a doctor client can approach about breast augmentation; he also handles facial surgeries, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and other operations. Patients can ask Dr. Zadeh to advise them about a care plan to achieve their beauty goals. He will discuss different options and help patients make decisions for their plastic surgery procedure.

A Pleasant and Professional Aesthetic Environment

Westmount Plastic Surgery commits to providing the highest quality of medical care for its patients. Dr. Zadeh upholds a commitment to meet every patient's needs to achieve their beauty objectives. He welcomes questions regarding the procedures, so clients understand the process comprehensively. Preoperative and post-operative care is also given due attention to ensure each patient's comfort during and after the surgery.

A positive and relaxing atmosphere is present at Westmount Plastic Surgery's clinics in Montreal and Pointe-Claire in Quebec. Both feature the latest medical equipment to ensure effective cosmetic surgical solutions for patients. This allows the facility to provide reliable medical care for every patient looking for beauty solutions.

About Westmount Plastic Surgery

Founded by Dr. Teanoosh Zadeh, Westmount Plastic Surgery performs overall surgical solutions to boost the natural beauty of each patient. Clients may inquire about different solutions to their particular beauty problems. Dr. Zadeh handles a range of solutions from facial surgery to breast augmentation, to thigh lifts. Each procedure has a guarantee of confidentiality to safeguard the patients' need for privacy.

Clients may call the clinic for an initial appointment or visit for more information.


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