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CloudMask Inc.'s Innovative Solution Protects Data in Public and Private Cloud Applications

CloudMask Inc. is reinventing Cloud security to easily detect sensitive information, protect data at its moment of creation, using strong user-certificates, and enforce security policies consistently across all applications.

CloudMask Inc. is proud to introduce its innovative solution that protects data in public and private cloud applications.

As many public and private sector organizations realize the significant benefits of leveraging cloud applications such as Software as Service (SAAS), as well as consolidate internal departmental applications into private cloud infrastructures, data owners lose control of data security and are forced to rely on their cloud services provider. Consequently this model exposes them to many risks including data security threats, and restrictions that prevent them from selecting best-of-breed cloud applications.

CloudMask neutralizes these risks by enabling users to apply end-to-end (E2E) encryption / tokenization assurance to their data. Its gateway free installation relies on end-user's certificates to apply FIPS compliant encryption algorithms. As a result, not only does CloudMask protect sensitive data in the public cloud, it also elevates the security of data along the private network to mitigate insider threats and unauthorized access.

CloudMask is installed as browser extension, eliminating the need for special user training. It is compatible with any modern cloud application, from any location, whether it's being used on a mobile or traditional device.

CloudMask enables organizations to meet stringent industry regulations and data security requirements such as PCI DSS for retail, HIPAA for healthcare, GLBA for financial institutions, and ITAR for Manufacturing through strong encryption, access control and auditing. By relying on user-based certificates, organizations can ensure a higher degree of authentication, and non-repudiation, thus a finer access control.

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