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Clean Garbage Disposal. Com Unveils Disposall: Eco Friendly Enzyme Based Drain Cleaner

Clean Garbage Disposal .com is a leading online portal that offers effective green drain cleaners. The product Disposall launched by the company is 100 percent safe, environment friendly and manufactured using active pre historic enzyme whose formula

Clean garbage, the leading online retailer of drain cleaners has unveiled a new product in this existing list of cleaners that is marketed as Disposall. The product is manufactured using nature friendly pre-historic enzyme formulations. It is a unique cleaning formulation that is exclusive to clean garbage

The company maintains that the highlight of Disposall is that it is a green drain cleaner. It does not utilize any synthetic components and is manufactured using only natural foaming agents sourced from active enzyme deposits. This formulation was conceptualized in Omaha, Nebraska with ingredients extracted from deposits that were mined from fossilized shells of single celled fresh water organisms. The company extensively researched on the capability of these microscopic organisms and found them to be quite powerful. They work by loosening the gunk in the drain channel and keeping it devoid of any accumulated material.

The company understands that apart from drain clogs people also suffer from foul smell that arises from poorly maintained drains. This smelly drain cleaner presented by the company is suitable for such concerns. It degreases the blades of the kitchen disposal, sanitize and deodorize the channel completely.

Clean garbage disposal .com offers its products as powder formulations or as packets. Both work in the same way and utilize same ingredients but the difference lies in their mode of application. It can be chosen according to the comfort ability of the users.

The company has started marketing Disposall and is made available through their website. They offer three different scents currently namely Fresh, Berry and Orange for their Disposall product. If you wish to purchase such garbage disposal cleaning products or wish to communicate for any concern, the company could be reached at

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