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LinkedIn is a tailor made social networking site and a business tool especially for professionals to improve their professional prospects.

LinkedIn is a tailor made social networking site and a business tool especially for professionals to improve their professional prospects. By getting familiar with LinkedIn you can increase your network, boost your productivity and it helps to develop your book of business. Following the steps given below helps in increasing your productivity.

Spend 15 minutes per day
In the initial days when you set up your account, dedicate at least 15minutes per day to establish your profile and knowing about the different functions of the site and invite others to e connected to you. Continue this for 2 weeks.

Expand your network
By inviting people you want to be connected to, you can easily build an online "rolodex" which increases your network.

Use Outlook
To quickly build your connections, LinkedIn searches your Outlook contacts against those people in LinkedIn.

Reach out
To reach out to previous firms or business connections you have enjoyed working with, use LinkedIn.

Use the search facility
You can use the search function on your home page to find out if someone is already a user. When you type their name, the system will tell you if they are linked and you can then send an invitation to join your network.

Ask others to introduce you
You can see your connections' networks using LinkedIn and if there is someone you have wanted to meet, you can ask your direct connection to make an introduction for you.

Connect others
An easy way to make introductions to people in your network to someone new is by using LinkedIn.

Break the ice
LinkedIn helps us to find information about someone easily, before you contact them. It also gives you conversation tips when you connect.

Showcase your connections
LinkedIn helps others by showing the people and companies you are associated with and whom you have done business with.

Review histories
An informative research tool, LinkedIn helps in investigating someone's history of work or college related activities.

Announce news
Using LinkedIn you can provide information of case wins, publish press releases and share your good news with your network.

Keep Up-to-date
When people change roles or firms they are more likely to keep their LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Use LinkedIn as a research tool
To pose a question to selected people on your network, use LinkedIn.

Set up dinner dates
If you want to notify people on your network, when you are going to be in a city on business, and reconnect with them for a coffee or meal.

Increase your Web presence
LinkedIn provides opportunity for people to access information about you, although you and your firm may already have a website and also increases your search in Google.

LinkedIn increases your connections before you need them. If you are looking out for a new opportunity or client LinkedIn allows you to reach out to them when you need it with the help of an established network.

Introduce yourself
You may reach out to a person who is connected with someone in your network directly via LinkedIn and ask them to be connected to you.

A great business tool, LinkedIn requires an investment of your time to establish and maintain it. But, once you have started using it you may find that it greatly increases your opportunities for connections, new business and building stronger relationships. So, what are you waiting for? Log on now.

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