CieAura Announces New President!

CieAura, LLC, a global direct sales company distributing Transparent Holographic Chips™, named Jerry "JY" Yerke as their new President earlier today...find out more?

CieAura, LLC publically announced that Jerry Yerke former CieAura Senior Vice President has been appointed as the new CieAura President.

CEO and CieAura founder Ken Rasner commented "There is no doubt in my mind that having JY step into the role of President of CieAura is the correct decision to steer our company in the right direction globally. He has grown into one of the premiere network marketing executives in the world. His skill set, talent, charisma, integrity and industry knowledge is clearly better than any other executive I've ever worked with. As a friend and as a partner, I'm very excited to have Jerry Yerke take over as the CieAura President."

Jerry Yerke a proven International Executive; with over 15 years in the Network Marketing industry, was earlier appointed as CieAura Senior Vice President back in February 2010, and in just a few short months, has helped to strengthen CieAura LLC's own market share. Jerry Yerke, affectionately know as JY succeeds Randy Mitchell, who served as the President of CieAura since 2009.

Jerry Yerke is a very hands-on leader with fresh ideas, top-notch sales, and leadership experience. He is now set to take CieAura and its Transparent Holographic Chips™ to the next level in 2011 and the past 9 months JY, as the CieAura Senior Vice President, was well received by CieAura Independent Retailers all over the world, and appears to be the perfect fit for both CieAura culture, and its new President.

CieAura, LLC - Background: CieAura is world renowned for creating a "total balance for life" and is a U.S. based direct sales company distributing CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™. Utilizing three thousand years of science in a 21st century delivery system, CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ are computer programmed holograms based on sophisticated combinations of homeopathic processes. CieAura Holographic Chips have the look of simple decals on the body and clothing, plus, totally non-invasive without any chemical components. When applied to specific acupuncture areas, CieAura customers have reported an increase in energy, stamina, a deeper more restful sleep, significant relief of discomfort, and other positive results depending on the program formula of the Holographic Chip and the related placement.

CieAura provides business opportunities for the everyday person to become Independent Retailers with exclusive rights to market and distribute revolutionary products at minimal cost and with competitive compensation incentives.

CieAura has a well established reputation and proven track record. CieAura products have been endorsed or used by numerous well-known public and media celebrities.

CieAura products are currently available through CieAura Independent Retailers around the whole country. To learn more about CieAura, then visit: right now?


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