Choward's New Guava Candy!

C. Howard Co., Inc. Introduces a new product, "Choward's Guava Candy". A sweet Treat anytime! Have a taste now at

Choward's Guava Candy has an eye catching new look. The new product will be liked by all taste buds. Choward's Guava Candy is a sugar hard candy that is packed full of Guava Fruit flavor. Each package contains 15 pieces of Guava goodness. Packed 24 packages per box, and 24 boxes per case. (MSRP = .79 per package)

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Choward's Violet Mints are perhaps the most well known violet Mints out there. Known for there nostalgic packaging and taste, Choward's Violet Mints have a unique taste. The New Choward's Guava Candy will be a more accepted treat by all.