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Choose Your Own Adventure-Style E-Books Reach Kindle

Sci fi Pick Your Path books become among the first interactive stories to be released in e-book format.

Pick Your Path books from the science fiction series Relic Worlds have become one of the first choose your own adventure style books to be released on e-readers. The interactivity of tablet technology allows for readers to navigate through their desired storyline without the need to keep track of page numbers.

Choose your own adventure books have existed since the 1970s when Vermont Press released Sugarcane Island. Throughout the '80s and '90s the "cyoa" brand expanded under Bantam Books and became the most popular book series among children, selling more than 250 million copies. In these books, the reader takes the role of the protagonist and decides what he or she will do by turning to the page that corresponds with their choices.

Children and parents have fallen in love with these books over the years because of the way they encourage young people to read. Much like the Harry Potter series, cyoa books have been credited with increasing literacy among juniors.

The advent of e-readers created a difficult conundrum for cyoa publishers. With no page numbers in e-books, it became impossible to allow the readers to choose what pages to turn to. This has made it difficult to transfer the popular books onto tablets, where most of the reading now takes place.

Bandwagon Books has developed a specialized code for e-readers that allows viewers to select an option that continues the story in the way they desire. The reader decides where the hero goes, what he says, and what he does.

"These Pick Your Path books have really encouraged my children to read," says Donna Cacavas of San Diego. "Kids today are used to interacting with their entertainment, so this gets them more interested in reading."

Relic Worlds is a science fiction series where an anthropologist explores ancient ruins on distant planets in search of lost alien civilizations. Pick Your Path books are available on Amazon, and at the Relic Worlds site:


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