China's Largest Safes Manufacturer Receives New Certification

Chinese safes manufacturer AIPU gains UL RSC burglary-proof certificate for their gun safes.

China's largest safes manufacturer AIPU has launched a series of gun safes in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories' Residential Security Container burglary standard - a certification not achieved by other Chinese gun safes companies.

"We have been producing safes meeting the UL RSC burglary standard for years under OEM business," said Kenny Kwon, Vice president of Marketing, AIPU. "Now we have the certification under our own name, so our smaller customers can buy UL certified safes."

Underwriters Laboratories is a safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, IL, which is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the United States federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

"We are already fabricating UL RSC certified gun safes," said Kwon. "And, we are pursuing ETL fire proof certification soon."
Considered to be an industry specialist, AIPU provides the latest innovative safe technology with an entire independent unit of experts in the AIPU Safe Planning Department. These experts are dedicated to performing research and development as well as planning new products. "AIPU is not just a manufacturer," said one company spokesperson. "We research and study to continually improve our products."

Employing more than 100 safes engineers, AIPU uses advanced technology such as CNC punching machines and laser cutting machines in its manufacturing process. The company continuously upgrades and launches new products to keep up with consumer needs, such as laser cut door safes and 3-D laser cut safes.

Many safes retail stores, locksmiths, and chain retail stores worldwide looking for a quality supplier of factory-made Chinese safes have found AIPU to be a trustworthy provider. With their expertise and product development, AIPU has been providing superior safes since 2002. A catalog of their products can be seen on their web site Products include gun safes, home safes, fire safes, burglary safes, fireproof safes, finger print safes, hotel safes, laptop safes, cash safes, money safes, and depository safes.

About AIPU:
Founded in 2002, AIPU safes group is the largest safes manufacturer in China. AIPU consists of four factories and one technology research institute. With more than a thousand employees and 45 sales branches in mainland China, AIPU is the leading safes manufacturer in China and a major supplier to safes companies. AIPU supplies more than 8,000 franchise safes stores in mainland China and also provides quality safes to distributors and retail stores in the United States and European markets. Products include gun safes, fire proof safes, depository safes, hotel safes, and finger print safes. For more information, visit


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