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Chess NYC Programs Go International!

New York City Chess Inc. launched the first of several scheduled International Matches for Students participating in their Chess NYC Programs.

New York City Chess Inc. launched the first of several scheduled International Matches for Students participating in their Chess NYC Programs.

Last Wednesday, April 23rd @ 7:30 pm, ten 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Chess NYC Students played Matches with Students of their partner School, Fuxin Elementary School in Fuxin China.

All Players were seated in their respective schools, introduced to each other on Camera and shared some thoughts on the game, they then proceeded to play, supervised, face to face matches online.

Co-Director and Coach Russ Makofsky supervised the Chess NYC Team, while Chess NYC Coach and Women's FIDE Master, Yun Fan was on site in Fuxin.

Relatively even matches were played ( Fuxin won 7-3 ) and while they'll play again, the creation of friendships or International "Chess Pals" has already begun.

"This is big" said Chess NYC's Russ Makofsky, "just the beginning of magical growth and bridge building through our great game". "The Kids in Fuxin were very excited" added Master Yun, "they were very impressed with how polite the Chess NYC Kids were" she laughed.
Expanding Chess NYC's reach into new Countries and bringing kids across the world together on Chess Boards is an important, unique and exciting component being added to Chess NYC Programs.

Chess NYC selected the app for this "beta" event, as they pursue the necessary technology ." We were pleased" observed Makofsky, "we are confident that ChessKid will be able to provide something we can build on, we have big plans" "After this is up and running, the next step is jumping on a plane" they all agreed.
A great start to a groundbreaking initiative.

About Chess NYC:

Established in 2008, a clear Industry leader. New York City Chess Inc.'s Chess NYC Programs are dedicated to creating a fun, educational, and positive chess environment, where students of all levels can learn not only how to proficiently play chess, but to learn the life values the game teaches.

Programs include: chess after school programs, chess in-school curriculum classes, private lessons, tournaments, camps and special chess events. Each program is dedicated to providing a fun, and positive learning environment for students.

New York City Chess Inc. has a policy of never turning away a child because he/she cannot afford its services. In order for New York City Chess Inc. to uphold its promise, New York City Chess Services Inc.'s funds subsidize fees for New York City Chess Inc. programs to those who cannot afford them.

Chess NYC is the largest Chess Playing Community in New York City. Each and every participant subscribes to the credo, "More than a Game, It's Our Culture

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