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There are many people who get confused while going through a car's specification.

Individuals who are not aware of technical terms such as torque, horsepower, OTR, MMRP might have a tough time while checking car specifications over the internet. Hence, it would be better to get the basics right, before going ahead with the purchase of a car.


This is essentially an important consideration to be made at the time of purchasing a new car. Vehicles are often advertised both offline and online with two different and distinct prices.

However, the individual needs to focus on the 'On-road price'. It includes everything that would be required for ensuring the car to be driven legally, starting from showroom prices, registration charges, delivery charges, number plates, road tax, VAT, insurance, and sometimes fuel and extended warranty. Usually, the On-road price is non-negotiable;

However, it is good to haggle on the price. The 'Manufacturers recommended Retail price' or MMRP, including the list price is similar to the on-road price.


For more information, one can check car specifications online. They are further segregated with technical data, which includes information on dimensions and engines, breakdown of the equipment's, safety features, interior, for instance everything varies depending on 'trim line'.

The trim line is said to be a model variant and is most often defined by the size of the engine and the number of standard features, which are included in it. In order to be clear with the hatchback and estate versions of a similar model, let us take this example; Zetec, Edge and Studio are regarded to be the trim lines of Ford Fiesta.

The trim line that is the least expensive might have lesser standard features and could be referred to be an entry level. In case, the feature is said to be 'optional' on the trim line, then a price might be included.

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