Charles Henri Baker to host Town Hall Meeting at Little Haiti Cultural Center on Oct 9, 2010

Haitian Presidential Candidate Charles Henri Baker to host Town Hall Meeting in Little Haiti Cultural Center on October 9, 2010 at 6:30PM

Miami, FL - Charles Henri Baker is in Miami for pre-presidential campaigning in Haiti. He was the ONLY candidate prepared to speak to interested parties in the Miami-Dade area. Others did not respond or bowed out at the last minute. Why? Charles Henri Baker is clear on one thing that is necessary in campaigning for presidency of Haiti, TRANSPARENCY.

"The media focuses on the orphans, tent cities and the rubble in Haiti. But, if they really want to help Haiti, they will put their lens on the presidential campaign as well. "A solid governance with integrity, for once in Haitian history, is the only thing that will ultimately save Haiti and give a good return on the investment of labor, donations, and economic development by the internationally concerned entities," states Baker.

Nine months have passed since the horrific earthquake shook the country of Haiti. Despite the mercies of the International community and nationals of Haiti, the country is still in rubble. As an appreciative candidate for the presidency of Haiti, Charles Henri Baker stands firm on the belief that without complete transparency from within and outside the country on its reconstruction, Haiti will be at the prey of "business as usual."

"All Haitians have been placed on a equal level field. The rich and poor, uneducated and educated, the street merchant and the elite business community have all suffered tremendously. Not only did the earth move but the thoughts of many of us who live in Haiti have been shaken from the past ways of doing things, to the desire to get Haiti right in its rebuilding," says Charles Henri Baker, affectionately called "Charlito" by his countrymen.

"Haiti is not for sale under any means. We are looking for real, concrete, non-exploitative relationships with our international donors. The time for corrupt business and political activities within the country too must end for a new beginning. It is my desire that the reconstruction period of Haiti be not as brief as the one experienced by the African Americans in America. Haiti, despite its destruction by natural and manmade forces, has the capability and strength to become once again "the Pearl of the Antilles."

212-260 NE 59TH Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

The event is scheduled for today Saturday October 9th 2010 at 6:30pm

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