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Characteristics Of PVC Pipes

Conventionally steel pipes have been used in majority of piping applications.

Conventionally steel pipes have been used in majority of piping applications. Steel offers a number of structural and functional benefits but costs involved are quite high and at the same time, weight is also is a challenge in logistics and installation. The limitations of Steel Pipes prompted manufacturers to look for an alternative, and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes have, till now, performed up to the mark. The characteristics of PVC Pipes account for their widespread use across all industries. Here is a list of properties that make PVC Pipes and Fittings such a popular choice.

Properties Of PVC Pipes

* Corrosion Resistance: One of the primary reasons why PVC Pipes are widely used in all industries is because of their exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols, halogens and other corrosive chemicals.

* Fluid Friction: PVC has a small coefficient of friction when compared to that of metals. The particular attribute results in lower friction loss when fluid is conveyed through. Lower pressure drop means less power required which eventually translates into energy efficiency and cost efficiency.

* Thermal Properties: PVC Pipes provide better thermal insulation than most other conventional piping materials. Owing to poor thermal conduction of PVC, heat loss is minimal which allows more uniform fluid temperature to be achieved without any additional layers of insulation.

* Electrical Properties: PVC Pipes are poor conductor of electricity and are widely used in electrical and electronic applications. This particular property eliminates electrolytic corrosion thus saving significant repairing costs.

* Others: PVC Pipes are attributed with high strength-to-weight ratio. They are non-toxic in nature and do not contaminate the fluid being conveyed through. The light weight eases installation processes and at the same time brings down installation costs.

Overall, PVC Pipes are a complete package. There are several grades available which means one can exercise greater choice. PVC Pipes are available in varying degree of flexibility and transparency to meet the specific requirements of different applications. Additives can be blended in PVC to impart them special attributes. For example, they can be prepared with better flame retardant properties for more safety in industrial and residential set up.

One of the most encouraging facts for the use of PVC Pipes is their recyclability. In the first place they retain their properties for years and show exceptional durability but even after their functional life they can be recycled and formed into something usable. Therefore, they do not pose threat to the environment by creating a dumping hazard. Please Visit Site :

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