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Chantilly Rose Supports Cindy Naomi's Openness About Her Mastectomy Operation

Chantilly Rose has been vocal about their admiration and praise for Cindy Naomi's candid remarks about her mastectomy operation.

In a moment of full disclosure, former supermodel Cindy Naomi has revealed a series of striking images and dialogue related to her double mastectomy. Although topics such as these have long been a sensitive point of discussion for both men and women due to the extremely personal and gender-specific nature of the operation, candid discussions such as these help to further both awareness and acceptance of what is becoming an increasingly common operation for women.

Chantilly Rose, one of the UK's leading providers of clothing and accessories for women who have undergone mastectomy treatments, has expressed their support and praise for Naomi, lauding her bravery and honesty. The fact that Naomi's prominence as a fashion and beauty icon has made her a role model for so many has also helped her comments to be dispersed across both the UK and the world. In instances such as these, it is easy to see why celebrity can become such a force for good.

Libby Lloyd-Bennett, Director of Chantilly Rose, recently discussed these remarks, stating, "Women in the UK should not be embarrassed about talking about their mastectomy operations. There are many networks and websites that support women who have been through the ordeal." Lloyd-Bennett continued, saying, "At Chantilly Rose, we see ourselves as a family business that exists to provide a service and not just to sell mastectomy products. We offer a personal touch, helping customers find the right products for their needs. Each customer has had different treatment and, therefore, each product should be tailored to each customer individually."

The value of Chantilly Rose's product line can best be seen in the value they offer to their customers and their rising popularity across the UK. An increasing number of women are coming to Chantilly Rose in order to develop a launching point from which they can embark upon a path towards emotional recovery following their mastectomy operation. In many ways, the positivity offered by Chantilly Rose's staff and services are a valuable step on the path towards self-healing following such a traumatic experience.

For those who have recently undergone mastectomy surgery or are loved ones of those who have, Chantilly Rose welcomes both casual visitors and serious shoppers. Recently, Chantilly Rose held a popular Christmas discount that brought in numerous new shoppers who have later gone on to become repeat customers of the business. If the future of this business even slightly resembles their recent history, Chantilly Rose will continue on to become an invaluable resource for women around the world.

For now, however, the owners of this business approach each day with a renewed commitment to treat each of their customers with the respect and dignity they deserve. Chantilly Rose will continue to publicly support individuals such as Cindy Naomi who have taken such a courageous step forward with the disclosure of their condition. This level of honesty has always been a part of the Chantilly Rose business, and they are certain to promote its propagation around the country.

Chantilly Rose offers a variety of clothing products designed specifically for women who have undergone breast cancer treatment surgeries.

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