Celebrity Interviews In An Open Forum Help Pull Back The Curtain

Any professional entertainer, actor or athlete, has the pressure of maintaining an aura of secrecy. Kenny Anderson uses his humor and passion for the sport of basketball to help fans of the New Jersey Nets learn more about their team.

Everyone dreams of being the best at what they do and, at some time in their life, harbors the thought of doing it in the spotlight. It might be walking down the red carpet, accepting an international award, or hitting the game-winning shot, but the common thread is the same: the dream that inspires them to be the best at what they do. Kenny Anderson not only had that dream, he managed to make it his reality. Scouted as a basketball prospect in the sixth grade, named to the All-American high school team three times in a row, the youngest player (at that time) in the NBA, he achieved what few people ever do: the chance to make his passion a reality.

The best thing about Mr. Anderson isn't his basketball prowess, however. It is his knowledge that he didn't do it alone. He was raised by a single mother who kept inspiring him. Now, he wants to pass that inspiration on to others, and with the changes in technology and the availability of social media sites, he has the ability to do just that for people everywhere.

Partnered up with the New Jersey Nets, the team he spent the bulk of his career with, he has begun the Nets Tawk with Kenny Anderson w/Nets Daily SB Nation & Kenny Anderson. This gives fans an opportunity to learn more about what is going on behind the scenes with their team. More importantly, however, it also gives people a chance to learn what it takes to be the best at what they do. Mr. Anderson, now internationally recognized as one of the leading experts on basketball thanks to game analysis on a major cable network, uses his innate humor to show how having passion for whatever it is that you believe in and want to achieve can be cultivated to make you the most successful you can be.

Tawkers.com believes in that same passion, and that is why they have partnered up with Mr. Anderson to bring his message to a wider audience. With their instant interactivity, where people can immediately join a discussion and ask a question (and get an answer) in real time, they provide the opportunity to help inspire people around the world.

For more information on Kenny Anderson, the Nets and Tawkers.com, visit: www.tawkers.com

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