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Cavernous 3 Terabyte Android TV Box Leaves Space Enough For All Your Entertainment

Android TV Box Specialist Chinavasion has combined a media centre and an Android TV box into one powerful unit. Read on to learn more.

Media lovers won't need to be selective about what they store on their home entertainment hard drives thanks to a cutting edge Android TV box according to Chinavasion PR manager Rose Li.
China Android TV box specialist has combined the capacity of a media center and a dedicated Android TV box into one small device according to Li.

The Dual Core Android 4.1 TV Box runs an Android 4.1 operating system using a 1.2GHz dual core processor for computing power and displaying video at 1080p but according to Li really comes into its own on how much data it can store.

The device has 4GB of built in memory and can work with SD cards up to 32 GB and can read any hard disk up to 3 terabytes plugged in via the USB connection.

Three terabytes Chinavasion's Rose Li says customers have already raved around the device's potential memory capacity which is large enough to hold every single television episode of Dr Who with all the Star Trek Episodes, original series and New Generation thrown in as well.

"The Dual Core Android 4.1 TV Box is really a media lovers' dream," says Li. "They can potentially digitise their entire collection onto a few external hard drives."

According to Li this means less clutter around the home theater area.

"Anybody trying to fit a media center and an Android TV into a media center will know how much of a mission it can be to get everything squeezed in and then get the right plugs going into the right holes," says Li. "Having one machine for the job should make people's lives much easier."

Besides storing all media on one device Li also says users will also be surprised by how smart the TV box is and how many applications it can run.

Like any Android TV box on the market customers have got access to a world of games and media applications including Netflix, Vevo and BBC iPlayer but with the upgraded Android 4.1 operating system and a 1.2GHz dual core processor the interface works almost seamlessly, unlike previous attempts like the Visio Costar.

"Android Media centers are now becoming an essential part of the home theatre system for many people and with products like the Dual Core Android 4.1 TV Box it's really no wonder," says Li.

Rose Li is the PR Manager for Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd, an online seller specializing in Android TV Boxes. For more information and full price listings see:

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