CateDoge Coin! Wow Meow! Let's Dig!

The CateDoge craze has reached new levels of sophistication, with the creation of a new crypto currency bearing it's name! Many GHash! Such Connect!

CateDoge is a peer to peer, decentralized currency. It is based on the Keccak (SHA3) algorithm, which is far easier on GPU mining hardware than scrypt, as well as being more energy efficient.

CateDoge addresses some of the problems faced with other coins, like slow transactions and bloated networks.

CateDoge has also implemented the kimoto gravity well, which essentially prevents multi pools from hopping on and off the coin, which would make dedicated miners earn less coins. No more multi pools!

Some specifications:

PoW Algorithm: SHA-3 (Keccak) both CPUS and GPUS!
Re-target: KGW
Block Time: 30 seconds
Initial Block Reward: 100000
Last block reward: 12,500, never dropping below this.
Block halving at 36,000 blocks
Premine: ~0.25% premine (All to be distributed to cates and doges here!)
Total coins: 20 billion

More info can be found on the following web pages:

Official website:

Bitcointalk thread:

CateDoge is also listed on the following crypto currency exchanges:


...And the community intends to join other exchanges in the very near future! Let's get together and make it happen!

The coin developer is always easily reachable on the bitcoin talk forums, and our small community is already growing and showing signs of good faith - So hop on board, and join the community!

Much like doge, this coin was created for the fun of sharing, and we have already seen the potential for both the impact these kinds of crypto currencies can have on the lives of the communities who back them...
and of course, their potential for some personal profit doesn't hurt either!

So let's dig people,
And let's take this coin to the mooooooon!

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